It’s been along time since I’ve written anything. I just feel like I haven’t had much to really document.

I have completed my first year of study. It was incredibly overwhelming at times and I felt my confidence was really tested. I did at times want to end the study because I felt it was too much, especially wrangling my four children. And my ex-husband hasn’t been entirely helpful. However I’ve completed the year, I think I have failed one paper I have really enjoyed working with the children for the year. I think I found a passion that I had no idea existed. On my last day they presented me with a beautiful handmade card, and my mentor teacher presented me with a bottle of wine and some coffee that I absolutely love and I’m known for. I continue to teacher aid for the duration of the year, which has it stresses especially when a child becomes violent with me.

Mid year I experienced quite a low.  I made some changes, such as going to the gym, giving up alcohol, and seeing my doctor to discuss increasing my antidepressants very slightly. Listening to my body and looking out for myself has been a real priority for me this year. When I feel myself getting on edge or really struggling, I make sure I heed the signs and make some changes.

 we are coming into summer now, and conversely for me my mood tends to slip at this time of year. I feel the pressure of Christmas coming up and the financial stresses that comes with that, I also find there is this superficial need to act happier because the sun is hotter and lasts longer every day. During a particularly hot day I took the kids to the beach at their request.  it was something that I was actually looking forward to however, it turned into a really amazing day and I really enjoyed myself.

Steve has been offered a new job with a better package, and he’s naturally over the moon about it. I do find myself resenting how Lucky he is. And how he progresses all the time, where as I tend to stay stagnant. And of course, I’m under constant financial pressure.

People often ask me if I’m dating. That is a big fat NO. I have no interest in dating whatsoever. My priorities are my children, study and work.

The day at the beach! And my beautiful cat, Snow.


I haven’t written for a while I think that’s because there’s been so much going on and I was hoping for a break to work out how I was really feeling. Study has been stressful but I’ve managed to remain on my objectives. I’m worried about my mental health but this is predominantly because my ex-husband has now decided that we should no longer have contact including I should no longer be allowed at the house. At all. Ever. I took the news really hard at first and I honestly felt that my mental health was going to slip. But the reality is it’s probably the best thing. I do find myself leaning on him and trying to find support from him even though he’s not in a place to give it to me. It’s amazing how you can spend so much of your life as part of someone else’s life and suddenly you’re on your own. I think I’ve been relying on him subconsciously to support me through the different endeavours of my life. Now there has been a definite shift on who we are to each other and although that was initially painful I think it might be the way forward. Obviously it is painful to think that after so many years we used to be best friends but the reality is that, it is no longer. I have to find my way as an individual.

Study is continuing although I do find it very hard but I’m hoping if I stay focused I’ll find my way through it.

Work is always challenging but I really enjoy the work and the team environment.

I feel closer to my children than I have done in awhile and I enjoy having them more often at my home.

Although I wish there are some things that could be more different in my life, such as having a new home that can accommodate all of us perfectly, I realise this is not going to happen. I make best of the situation I’m in.

On June 4 I have my second MRI scan this will show if the lesions in my brain have increased thus increasing my chance of having MS in the future. I’m not worried about this as there have been so many developments in medical science, and I have more pressing things to be concerned about.

I would say at this stage I am content. I am not particularly happy, but I’m not particularly depressed either. I feel like I am ploughing on through life as I should be.


I had a really lovely birthday yesterday. At my school the kids sang to me, the staff room wished me happy birthday, then I went to Steve’s and he ordered pizza – my favourite! The kids gave me sunflowers, chocolates and a few other bits. All picked out especially. I felt really loved.

My job is going really well. I love the kids I’m working with, and the staff are really supportive. Complete change from my last job. I feel tired at the end of the day, but nice tired, not drained. And I can spend more time with my kids and share my day with them. I feel really fortunate to have found something I really enjoy and am valued at.

I’m still battling with Studylink, the organisation responsible for student allowances, so I’m a bit anxious about that, but I’m continuing with study and hope it’ll come good. I’m managing study and work really well at the moment.

My mental health is good, helped so much by having a new work environment.

Things between Steve and me are really up and down. Sometimes it’s really nice and he’s really helpful. Other times he just shuts down and seems really irritated by me. I can’t seem to win.

I’m heading to a spiritual fair today with a friend of mine. I’m going to see a guy that told me a couple of years ago I’d be working with young children, which i dismissed as complete nonsense at the time!

University work

I’m back from Hamilton and so happy to be with my kids.

I’m still completely overwhelmed with the uni stuff and don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Fortunately Steve is really intelligent and good with computers so he was able to sort out some of the software for me, but even he struggled. The platforms are so unuser friendly.

I have got my first assignment done and dropped off though – phew!

All of this might be for nothing though if I don’t get my student allowance approved. I’m quite stressed about that. I’ll find out next week.

My mood still isn’t quite right. But the fact I drove to Hamilton and participated in the orientation week is testament to my new medication routine and desperation not to fall into a terrible depression. I still struggle to get up and get ready, but I really hope that will pass eventually.

I’ll be glad to get next week confirmed


So here I am up in Hamilton, in the Waikato.

It’s orientation week at the university so I drove the 7 hours yesterday.

Today I’m feeling really overwhelmed. There is just so much information to take in. I’m doubting my capabilities. There’s also a lot of people so I’m feeling very anxious.

This morning it was really hard to get out of bed. I still feel the blanket of depression and my internal monologue is very unkind. I just had to force one foot forward. To make matters worse, when I got to the uni, I couldn’t find parking so I had to turn around, go back to my motel and then call a taxi. There literally weren’t any spots and I drove miles away. Having my car accessible is a big help to me with my anxiety, so I felt totally out of my comfort zone. After the long day I had to wait for a taxi back.

I’m filled with so much doubt and feeling really overwhelmed. I hope it gets easier as the week goes on.


I’ve started my new job as a Teacher Aide and it’s bloody hard work! I have a new found respect for teachers! Everyone seems really nice so it’s a nice change from the toxic environment I’d gotten used too. What I really love though is having my kids here at mine and being able to take them to school and pick them up. I’ve really missed being so involved with them. It also takes the pressure off Steve because he was the one having to race around after the kids.

I’m already learning a lot. I just hope my stamina quickly improves.

I’m seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow. I might ask for the Effexor to be increased. I don’t feel low like I did before, but I’m still incredibly anxious. Although I guess that’s part of starting a new job. Especially in an area I know nothing about.

I’m taking each day at a time. To have a new job is a real relief, although I won’t feel the financial benefit for a couple of weeks and it’s a bit stressful because I’m only working part time. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to study. The financial burden might be too much.

So yeah, things are getting better.

MS and future plans

I saw my GP today as I’ve been suffering with what I’d class as extreme exhaustion. I know I’m in a low which means I’m usually lethargic and demotivated, but this seems somehow worse. I see it’s one of many symptoms of MS, and as the neurologist told me to look out for symptoms following my mri last year, I wondered if this was the start. I’ve not been experiencing any other symptoms, although of course, depression and anxiety offer a similar lot of symptoms. Unexplained pains and weakness. My GP was fairly sure that this wasn’t a precursor to MS and instead a combination of my medication, the heat (we’ve been suffering a heatwave recently) and the low I’m in. But she’s ordered some blood tests and told me to go back in a month. I feel fairly comfortable with that. Im glad I’ve not been experiencing sight problems which is a very clear indicator of the disease.

I applied for a part time as a Teacher Aide, something completely different! My kids and Steve were really suprised, all said I was too impatient! I’m not sure if I’m up to the task to be honest, but the Deputy Principal and Principal seemed pretty confident in me. I’m not sure if I’ll get the role, but it works perfectly around school hours, and I’m enjoying being around for the kids more.

I’m also still considering study. I’ve had the offer from Hamilton and now Massey. I’m still suffering with a lack of confidence although Steve has been very supportive.

It’s a holiday here tomorrow and Steve is away, so I’m going to be enjoying the time with my kids.