Therapy, medication

Counselling was really good again. I got to off load and work through some triggers that had been bothering me. I felt much lighter from the session. I really get a lot from these regular sessions.

I went to the mood disorder group as well. There were only a few people there. But they seemed friendly and welcoming. I particularly clicked with the falicitator that seems well connected and she’s keen to introduce me to some interesting people next week. It was really nice to be regarded so highly.

I’m not sure if the boss will let me go though. She doesn’t like me doing stuff off my own back. She’s been off Thursday and Friday, so I’ve felt more relaxed. Come Monday she’ll be back to have a go. I’m still going to ride it out though.

I’ve seen the GP about my ear and have been referred to audiology to check there’s no nerve damage following my ear infection.

I’ve made a huge mess of my medication. Which I admitted to, but found the psychiatrist really patronising about. I’m not an idiot – I just made a mistake. She’s American, newly graduated, keen to treat me as a textbook not a person. I find that quite hard. I find it especially hard at the moment while being treated badly by my boss. I’m just too sensitive to being treated badly by anyone at the moment. She’s also restricted my zopiclone which I use for sleep. Even though I don’t use much I tend to use it a bit during periods of poor sleep. That I am annoyed about. She didn’t listen to me.

I’m dreading Monday, team meeting, which is usually when I get it in the neck! But hopefully for the week I can be busy and get on with my own stuff and not have much to do with the boss.


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