The update

Well I’ve decided to update my blog now – being as my bloody car has broken down at the hospital! And it’s a really cold wet day too.

The call was pretty intense, a lot to process, but she was really nice and although I’m shocked and saddened by what I learnt on the call, I’m glad it’s over. I don’t want to write too much because it’s still something I need to work through.

The results are in. Firstly the MRI showed a few too many ‘white spots’ apparently you get one for every year, but I’ve got more. I need another MRI in one year to check the growth. It’s indicative of MS.

He didn’t diagnose epilepsy because he said my first incident (I call it fainting) can’t be proven as a seizure because no one saw it and I don’t remember anything. But he said the symptoms I experienced were more in line with a seizure then fainting. I’m glad it’s not confirmed. Two seizures is a diagnosis of epilepsy. He’s put me on anti seizure medication which doubles as a migraine prevention medication – yay! He said he thinks the fact I was on the treadmill was coincidental, not the cause. And I’m booked for an EEG which will take at least 2 months and won’t really confirm anything because I’ll be on medication by then. And I see him again in 2 months to check in.

So that’s my day so far. I’m supposed to have therapy today, which I really need, but it depends if my car can be sorted.

I’m exhausted and cold, but so pleased it’s all over


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