Unloading and group!

All my stuff was loaded into the truck then the new place. My parents and Steve worked tirelessly and I’m extremely grateful. I actually took off for a couple of hours to the Sunday support group . I’ve missed so many and there’s only one more before Xmas. I needed to see my people again.

It was so good to see warm, caring faces and to be part of this special group. I felt genuinely welcomed and have re established connections from before, thus given myself a feeling of support.

I also got on much better with Steve today, which makes me feel much better about things. More positive.

I still need to unpack stuff and move things around, but that will come with time. I’m looking forward to making it my space.

Right now I’m dead to the world! I’m absolutely shattered. I have another appointment with the benefits office tomorrow which will feel long and tedious again! But I’m getting there and it’s necessary.

Time to sleep now! Last night in the motel!! Then tomorrow I’m up at Steve’s house as he’s going away and my place won’t be ready in time


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