Court disappointment 

So eventually I turned up at the courts, fortunately last night I looked up the address I saw that the local courts have been closed down on me so I had to drive to the next town. I made it just-in-time and walked in. The people waiting were predominantly male, large guys gang inscriptions and I felt incredibly intimated. Although to be honest I fear the authorities more than the alleged criminals that were there. Everyone else seemed to know what was going on except me. I know I looked out of place with my half a suit and on my laptop bag.

I managed to find a duty solicitor who walked me to a court. The court called my name and I asked for a “diversion” – meaning no conviction. apparently I am not entitled to legal aid because of the nature of the charge and my own lawyer doesn’t seem interested in standing in my defence so I suppose I will have to continue defending myself. The police will now review my case and the actual ‘arguments’ (I suppose it would be called) takes place on the 26 May. That means my plans to leave for England would have to be put on hold which is a real shame. I have been looking forward to leaving sooner.

I’m really disappointed from today I had looked forward to an answer and the opportunity to move on. I didn’t anticipate that nothing will be resolved and I’ll be left even further in the dark. Now I wonder if I should just give my termination in to the property in Martinborough or if I should wait, if the website I put it on  will come through for me or if I’ll be left out of pocket paying for a house that I’m not actually living in. I suppose I should wait until I have been to England to make any decisions but now that seems really far away. And I feel even less in control of everything that’s going on.


2 thoughts on “Court disappointment 

  1. Hold on there Penny! Life gets hard but I’m sure you’ll do well.. you’ve really been an inspiration to me to start blogging and to let everything out 🙂 I hope for the best for you and your children. I’m sure you’ll get to go to England soon, but I think it would be a good idea to take the time out to appreciate the present moment and what is special about it that you can enjoy only now, when you’re in it. Maybe it’s something as simple as the opportunity to explore Martinborogh on foot, with nothing else to worry about until some of the worries start sorting themselves out!



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