The escape!

I rang the ‘obligatory Maori called’ mental health line Te Haaike (not sure on spelling – but who is??) a few nights ago re my lack of sleep. They advised, ‘download a sleep app on my phone.’ I kid you not.

Today rang at 1.30 and requested my sleep medication be reviewed. A relatively simple process. 

By 5.30 I heard nothing so called back. On hold for several minutes and the cut off.

  • Called again. Cut off.
  • Called again. Cut off.
  • Called again. Cut off.
  • Called again. Cut off.
  • Called again, FINALLY spoke to someone who was going to transfer me. Cut off.
  • They called me back to transfer me. Got cut off.

Now I’m sorry, but people that believe in Jesus over this Easter period, even he would have sworn. If I wasn’t already mental, I’d be driven mental.

Eventually the woman told me a clinician was due to see me. I explained I was at my ex husband’s house and I just needed a prescription delivered to the local pharmacy. No comprenda. No anglais was spoken presumably. Or I had asked something so complex, even Stephen Hawking would be stumped. 

I was non too happy. Add too much food, and an ex husband with a non complimentary dialogue and my fuse blew.

I stormed into respite declaring Te Haaike was crap and launched onto my bed in tears. Did anyone come and see me? No they just wanted to know if I wanted dinner – that I’d called them earlier about and said I was having dinner with my family.

Incensed I began throwing my stuff in my car. Rain pouring, maniacal packing. The staff were either too shocked or recovering from labotomies to say anything.

I drove like a woman possessed through the rain, freedom in my blood.

I’m now home and enjoying a nice glass of cab sav, after a warm shower. It’s all very ostentatious!

Where is the mad woman??

Left behind. I need my home, I need my bed and I NEED a good nights sleep, which my current tipple will provide. If in doubt, self medicate!

I intend to read my kindle and put my phone on silent. I’m not suicidal. I’m just a woman with a desire to sleep that hasn’t been heard and won’t shout any longer.


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