Everyone moans about the rain, but I like to hear the gentle tapping on the roof. I love how it’s so cleansing. How it feeds the flora and fauna. I love that smell of fresh rain. How the flowers smell brighter and fresher. I love the sheen of raindrops cascading down the windows. The way some people run, some amble on unperturbed by the wetness of the rain through their clothes. How children love to jump in muddy puddles. I love the rhythmic beat of my windscreen wipers when I’m driving. The appearance of homes being warm and cosy. 

My mood is hidden by the rain. Tears and rain conspired to hide the truth. Misery construed to be because of the weather.

But I’m at one with the cleansing rain. The tears of the clouds bring me comfort and I can appreciate all that is achieved with a great down pour. 

It’ll be the gentle beats of the rain that send me to sleep tonight. Windows open so I don’t miss  the glorious smell of the rain on the earth.


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