The house 

So tonight the camping is cancelled because the rain is so bad.

I just drove over to Martinborough  to see my new house which is significantly smaller than I imagined but nonetheless I will be very happy there.

The important thing is that it has a garden fully fenced so the kids can play quite happily. And my neighbour is a 70 year old man so I don’t have to worry about noise.

I am so tired from the events of yesterday. Add to the driving today in horrible conditions over the mountain range-it’s just draining. But S gets the truck this afternoon so he can start loading my stuff. The Internet is working at my new house already so that’s good, it’s a shame that I have so many appointments over this way next week so I will have limited time to unpack and make the home my own.

I wonder how my PTSD symptoms will react to the first few nights at my new house. I always find changes quite stressful, so I imagine that I will be quite jumpy and quite hyper vigilant.

It’s also very nice to be in a different area with such good memories but I can also focus really on my new life and not have the bad memories from my marriage separation. This is essentially a new start for me. It is scary, it is overwhelming, it is exciting, but most of all now is the right time for me.

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