So I didn’t make it to my physiotherapist appointment today even though I think it would’ve been really beneficial. I received a phone call from the school at 11 AM informing me that my son wasn’t at school. As far as I was aware S had dropped the girls and Harry off at the same time in the morning. I phoned S and confirmed that he didn’t have Harry and that he had in fact dropped Harry off at 8 AM. On hearing the news that he was missing S and immediately got on the phone to the police and I raced down to the school probably driving faster than I ever have in my entire life. I found the school receptionist whom I’ve never really got on very well with and she was slowly mooching over to the classroom to see if my son was there. In response to a phone call from Steve. She wasn’t moving very fast and I got extremely irritated with her and quite frankly used some rather cursory words to express my anger. Even though she tried to lecture me on my use of language I was too busy racing towards my sons classroom. I was so delighted to see him sat there colouring in, I pulled him into a tight embrace and wouldn’t let him go. I certainly managed to upset him with my  display of relief but Frankly I can’t think of anything worse than losing my treasured perfect little boy. The rest of the children were cleared out of the class and eventually I allowed Harry to join his friends. The principal came to talk to me he clearly wasn’t very happy about my interactions with his staff. I wasn’t very happy about the delay in enquiring about my sons location at 11 AM. I phoned S immediately and  relieved, he was able to call the police and let them know. Equally the police were not happy that the school had left it that long to contact me when my five-year-old son was missing. S was at work so he had to maintain a professional demeanour even though it was clear his heart was breaking over the phone. But he managed to remain calm where was I  an emotional wreck.

When I left the school I knew it was too late to make my appointment so I telephoned the hospital to rearrange for next week. Feeling that perhaps alcohol wasn’t the best solution to calm my nerves I decided to stop and buy some chocolate and binge watch some Netflix while I binged on some chocolate. It seemed to help even if my stomach disagrees.

Although I felt exhausted from the drama I had too much adrenaline to be able to rest. Suffice to say I couldn’t wait to collect my boy at the end of school.

Tomorrow morning I will be driving to my new house to meet a technician to set up my Internet. This will technically be the first time I see my new house so hopefully all goes well. After that so I need to return because it is the special school sleepover in tents!  I will be there with my two daughters and I am banking on not getting very much sleep. While I am and the camping, S will be coming to my house to take out the larger furniture to load into a truck he has rented. This has just reminded me that this is my last night in this house!

On Saturday morning I will then start to help with the move while looking after the children. S will do the bulk of the move because of my hand but I advertised for some help and there was a good response from a nice guy who is going to step in and help out S for the afternoon.

It’s been an emotionally draining day. But I’m just relieved that my boy is fine and now I can focus on the potential move although I am slightiy looking forwsrd to the camping and I hope it will be fun and I hope not too painful.


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