I’ve cancelled my therapy appointments and my interview today because I literally just can’t face dealing with anybody or putting on a fake facade any longer.

S asked me to pick up the kids this morning and take them to school which I diligently did because I want to be able to be there for my kids when I can.

But for me there was nothing that I feel I can accomplish in this state certainly when It comes to interviewing.

So now I return from dropping off the kids and I’m just lying in bed hoping to fall asleep soon.

The wine was good last night it did lead me into a good sleep although my neighbours wanted to me to hear their arrival at 2 AM by blasting music and shouting at each other.

I feel short of breath because I feel so anxious and I feel like I’m bordering a panic attack but there doesn’t seem to be any clear reason for this.

I’m just so very tired.


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