Crisis point 

I reached out to the crisis team of mental health and saw a psychiatrist yesterday. I had reached rock bottom. Mixing zopiclone and alcohol – will never do that again! I was just so desperate to sleep, but ended with hallucinations and horrific flashbacks.

The psychiatrist added olanzapine to my medication which is good because I know that’s worked for me before. 

I’m also in respite care. So a home that’s got 24/7 care. It’s pretty grim and smelly but at least I feel safe, which is the main thing.

I managed to fall on my arm and have lost feeling in two fingers and my hand. It’s also excruciatingly painful in my arm. But strangely it’s not broken, so they’ve told me it’s nerve damage and will take about 6 weeks to heal

So I’m sore, in pain, mentally I’m just exhausted and drained. Completely lost. I can’t even think straight.

Guess I’ve hit my rock bottom 😞


8 thoughts on “Crisis point 

  1. I’m so sorry you are going through all of this. It was very brave of you to reach out for help and get yourself into a safe situation.I’m sure the adjustment won’t be easy, but you can do it. You can work towards full recovery. *Hugs*

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  2. Penny, I’m so glad you reached out for help. I know that was incredibly hard to do. I’m glad you are somewhere safe, even if it is grim. Safe matters. I’m sorry things got so bad– but you have been dealing with so much this last year. It’s been a lot. Being in a place now, where you can start to work on you and be safe, that is important. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way. Xx


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