A possible reality….

The badly decomposed body of 35 year old Penny Insane Was discovered today after a Property Manager entered the property following the unpaid rent and lack of response from the 35 which she regarded as ‘unusual.’ The 35 year old single woman was found in her bathroom, with a coroner today confirming that she’d slipped in the shower and died within hours. Although suggested the body had lain undisturbed for a period of up to three months. 

The ex husband of the deceased said, ‘The children and I hadn’t heard from her for ages so assumed she was out partying and living the high life. She was selfish like that.’

Friends expressed their surprise, noting she hadn’t posted on Facebook for a while but also commenting that it wasn’t unusual for the deceased to have periods of ‘isolation’ and not respond to messages.

Neighbours didn’t see anything unusual, although claimed the woman tended to keep to herself and wouldn’t have noticed whether or not her car was there.

Police said it wasn’t common (although not unheard of) for someone of that age to be left for months without anyone noticing. 

One person had commented on her Facebook page, ‘unremarkable in life, forgotten in death.’

Ok, that’s pretty grim, I agree. But still, I begin to wonder about the possibility. I didn’t have to have the endoscopy today, it was just a consult. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. I actually got to meet the specialist – ask questions and express my fears, to which he was very warm and reassuring about. But it means a wait time, where I can no doubt conjure up the most terrifying images! I guess it occurred to me last night that with no next of kin, if something went ‘wrong’ it would be a long time before anyone actually noticed. Particularly as well as I haven’t mentioned this appointment to anyone. I will do as I did today, drive in, but if I’m unable to drive I’ll get a taxi home. Unfortunately today, when I arrived at the hospital after a really bad, but drug induced sleep, I took a few diazapam. When the endoscopy didn’t happen, I felt pretty stupid for taking the meds. I drove and met S and my daughter, as she’s recovering from a bug and had breakfast in a cafe with them. It felt awfully strained, like I was imposing on them. Despite the tiredness and overwhelming sense of anxiety, S didn’t make any suggestions to me or offer for me to head to the house. But I already know that he’s not bothered about me nor will he make any such suggestions. At least I’m getting used to it now!

So a day was wasted and I missed lectures. But at least I got home and slept. Although my head is certainly pounding now. It has occurred to me that with no next of kin, and no one really invested in my care, I could very well be one of these cases in the paper that are becoming increasingly common.


2 thoughts on “A possible reality….

  1. It saddens me that you feel this way, but I understand. I’ve had similar feelings, but learned I’ve had more of an impact, big and small, on peoples lives than I thought. I hope you come to realize it too. As Alice said, try and let people into your life.


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