Birthday surprise

On my birthday, the rain poured and the kettle stopped working. Great, so much for my plans to curl up with coffee in bed! I wasn’t expecting anything, maybe S texting a message from the kids. In fact he text asking me to come over, either to go out for dinner or have sushi (my favourite) at the house. The message was really warm and I felt sincerely invited and cared about.

I got ready and headed over. It worked out really well because my darlin son was unwell, so I picked him and we cuddled up in bed until the others came home.

When everyone else arrived I was adorned with gifts of chocolates, a teddy, a cool plant and a Fitbit – that I’d mentioned a long time ago. The presents were selected by the kids, with homemade cards and it was really special. S had brought sushi home. For the first in a really long time I felt really loved and appreciated. There was no atmosphere or tension in the house. I felt incredibly lucky. I wished I could bottle that feeling.

Later on in the evening, S helped me (despite being clearly exhausted from his work) with an assignment. Not once did he lose his patience with me or make me feel inferior. 

We ended up having an early night, both exhausted. I went to sleep smiling. I couldn’t thank them all enough.

S had rearranged a meeting the following day as he’d wanted me to take the kids, needing to be in very early. But I had a lecture, first one on a new paper and a group meeting about an assignment so I hadnt wanted to be late. He was understanding about this so I left in the morning and got there in time.

My group are really nice and the ones that knew about my birthday asked. I could honestly say it was amazing. I felt very blessed.

Well, today I have a wicked migraine again. And after speaking with my gp surgery, the neurologist referral was messed up and it’s been sent today – so I’m back to waiting again. I’m pretty disappointed about that.

Next week I have three lectures, and as they’re full days, no doubt I’ll feel pretty lousy. I’m still on these antibiotics and think I will be for a long time, but I have probiotics now which I hope will help curb the symptoms. 

This weekend it’s ‘Out In the Park’ in the city. A celebration of the 30 year reform of gay marriage and a celebration of diversity and acceptance. I am going to show my support and intend to take the kids so that they continue to practice what we teach them, that people are allowed to love whom they want and should never be subject to bullying or discrimination. 

I’m feeling pretty relaxed and content right now. Although the assignments are building up and I need to crack on, I feel much less alone and ‘discarded’ than I did a few days ok.


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