H, Egg and me! (and friends!)

It’s weird how stress effects me physically. Because I shut down my emotions so much, my body needs to find a way to deal with it. Hence the migraines. And last night I felt the familiar symptom of flu, freezing then sweating. I mean my sheets soaked with sweat. It’s when I’m feeling especially stressed, as though my body is trying to detox itself. My son slept peacefully through the night in my bed. I tossed the covers off of me, or wrapped up like a burrito wishing I had an electric blanket. 

This morning Egg’s eye was still sore. I picked her up from school yesterday after someone poked her (by accident) in the eye with a book. It looked sore but I figured there wasn’t much a dr could do about it. This morning she was extremely uncomfortable and H had a slight temp, so I decided to book her into the gp and we’d see my friend as previously planned. It was nice to catch up and as we talked through some of the things I’ve gone through alone, she was amazed that I’d coped. With the court case, international moves, dealing with my past, my marriage, most recently the principal. She asked how I cope with it and still looked after the 4 kids. The answer is simple, I’ve had too.

The kids drew pictures and seemed so content playing on the floor. And then curling up for a movie 


 Of course I still got my cuddles! 

Egg’s eye does have bleed but apparently it will heal itself although it’ll be a few days of soreness and weeks of redness. 

I took my little mates to the bakery for a special lunch after.


They were so well behaved after a long day.

They’ve just bathed and they’re curled up watching cartoons now. 

I’ve just been trying to find a bed to use at my new flat.

A headache is beginning to threaten behind my eyes. 

I’ve got mixed emotions but I’m happy that my kids were a fantastic distraction and I’m reminded of all the wonderful friends I have in my life.

I need to remember that I’m really not alone.


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