Out to sea!

Today my friend that works for the council in Harbour operations arranged for me to go out on a


in Wellington Harbour. It was amazing to see how much work goes in to the operation of the wharf – with cargo ships, passenger cruise liners and the two companies that run between the North and South Island. There are only two tugboats which deal with boats over 500 tonnes when the winds are over 25 knots per hour. Today I got to escort a cruise liner into the berth – Radiance of the Sea, and knock an Interislander, literally smack into the side of it to help it berth. The interislander is the one that goes between the North and South Island.
I found the whole thing really interesting. I never thought I’d find that sort of thing interesting!
I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.
  The Tugboat ‘Tiaki’

Approaching the Radiance of the Sea to bring it in
Hitting the interislander to help push it into its berth (parking spot).
Our Captain/Master and the Chief Engineer. Really nice crew.

Getting out and about was a refreshing experience and I’m always keen to find new interests and passions.

Felt pretty tired getting back. But then I spent the afternoon moving the kids furniture to clear more rubbish. Totalling killing my arm in the process. But I really felt the need to tidy more.
I’ve been catching up with friends as well that have various things going on in their lives. But although they’re struggling, they all still really inspire me. My friends are good, kind hearted people and they always keep themselves so focussed and yet always ask after me. I’m very lucky.
Things on the home front remain unclear. I wish everything was normal. 
My lawyer hasn’t gotten back to me. But I think right now, that has to be the least of my concerns. I want to be healthy and I’d like my relationships including my marriage to be healthy. I’d also like to focus on bagging a job.
Time to set objectives closer to home.


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