Crappy old Monday 

This morning I committed to clearing through laundry and tidying as well as getting into the office and sifting through mail, clearing out rubbish. Good job too, I found a formal warning about our dog straying from the council and warning a subsequent complaint could result in a hefty fine. I left a voicemail for the council. Our property is fully fenced but it seems our dog has learnt to jump the fence. Within 10/15 minutes the dog ranger showed up. Turns out, when I took the kids to school the dog had jumped again. He’s been hanging out with some dogs across the road. They don’t mind, but a neighbour below us with a silly yappy dog didn’t like to see my dog out. Fair enough. I don’t much like her yapping dog but I haven’t complained to the council.

I was able to explain I’d just got back from Cambodia – the dog was my responsibility and without me being here he must have been bored home alone all day. He’s never done it before. And now this jumping has become part of his routine. We discussed solutions, one being an electric thing around the fence and the dog wears a special collar that activates a shock when he goes near. But there’s too much planning and cost involved for an immediate fix and leaving him in the house or garage all day isn’t a solution in summer when it gets hot. Although I’m happy to do it post walking in the cooler and/or wet months. So the ranger told me I’d have to chain him. I feel bad about that, he’s always had his freedom. But until I can look at long term solutions he will have to be chained when I’m away from the house for longer periods.

Once that was all sorted and I got on with all the other house stuff I was feeling tired and sore.

I arrived early for my gp appointment – only to wait a bloody hour, when I checked with reception they hadn’t ticked me off or some shit when I went to the desk at arrival, so the dr didn’t know I was there. Fucking marvellous.

My wound from my motorbike accident is infected. So I’m back on antibiotics and antibiotic cream. If it still doesn’t heal, it means there might be something in there, so I’ll have to have it checked again. As for the shoulder, I’ve been referred for an X-ray and ultrasound as she thinks there’s damage to my shoulder – maybe bone, tendon, rotator thing. I don’t know about this stuff. But she has given me some pain relief. When I move it at particular angles it hurts like hell, so after moving it around for the dr, I was in pain.

I’m just feeling tired, drained and fed up.

I wondered if my husband would ask about the gp appointment when I got back. He did, but out of obligation. As long as I’m driving the kids, and doing my part in the house, he isn’t bothered. 

Urg. Hope this week gets better.


One thought on “Crappy old Monday 

  1. so glad the visit went so well and you got some pain relief. that should help. sorry your hubby want more supportive. sometimes men aren’t though. about the dog? hmmm its a tough one. do you have air conditioning inside? if you do could he stay inside with it turned on in the summer months? chaining him seems a little excessive, but I know you don’t want him jumping and running away. XX


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