Email from lawyer

I have received notification from the CPS that they have intervened in the case with a view to discontinuing proceedings. The reason provide is that in the view of the CPS there “is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction of Mr **** for any offence arising from what took place in 1996”. The CPS was able to view the documents we provided, the defence provided and also after the CPS undertook enquiries with the police. The CPS also viewed a visually recorded interview of you giving evidence (which I have not seen). I have discussed the position with *** **** QC and we are both very disappointed by the decision. You have 3 months to request a review of the position but my view is that it would be fruitless exercise. The only alternative is to seek a judicial review of the decision and if you require I can access the prospects of success in that action.


I am very disappointed the CPS did not allow the matter to progress to consider what the Defendants defence to the allegations would be but I fear that the police at the outcome have to some extent compromised the position by not gathering further evidence and reading too much into the date errors made in your medical records. The Defendant admitted sexual intercourse and I feel in these types of cases the allegations need to be put to the Defence at trial to enable a jury to consider if he is telling the truth or not. The Defendant in these actions all to easily are able to offer a pre-prepared statement at interview and then not be required to answer the questions put to him in interview. I consider this decision is premature.

 So, that’s it. All this pain and reliving trauma for nothing.

He wins – he has his life. I feel I have nothing.

I just want to drive my car over the side of a cliff. 

I’m exhausted and devastated. And yet, not surprised.


2 thoughts on “Email from lawyer

  1. Wow, that is so unfair. Unbelievable. I am so sorry.

    (But driving a car off a cliff – he really would win then.) You take care, OK? The legal / police system is notoriously unfair to rape victims.


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