If I died tomorrow, who would mourn the loss?Would my husband complete an obligatory stance – and worry about the cost.
What memories do I leave behind? Sadness, anger, struggles, personal regret 
Im sure there’s lot of other negatives my mother in law wouldn’t forget!
My children would be devastated, lost and afraid
The only good things to come out of this clumsy life I made.
My children are my life and soul, so compassionate and giving
They have given me all the strength and courage I need to keep on living.
When I crashed my motorbike I flirted too closely with death.
It made me relish the life I have and be thankful it wasn’t my last breath.
In my broken body as I struggled to regain my strength
I longed for the care of my husband, his compassion and his love. But it was carved outside of his heart – 
I didn’t know what that meant.
He’s been my soul mate, my best friend my hero and my rock,
But now none of that exists to me, his heart stopped beating for me like a broken clock.
I am lost, afraid of my future, and losing my only hope
The man that gave me unconditional love and taught me how to cope.
Love is painful, hard and scary,
My poor husband is tired and wary.
So if I died tomorrow and I wonder who would mourn my passing,
It would be my children because they don’t really know my weaknesses, my faults, and if they did – their love might not be lasting.


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