Midweek. Time lingers. We just passed two major holidays. Today is the Kings Birthday, but I’m reassured that only effects schools, and then tomorrow another holiday. No one is really working. Everyone has returned to their provinces. I had hoped to see colourful skeletons and street parties like Mexico’s Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead) but it seems Cambodia’s  – Pchum Ben Day , is about family and gatherings. Parties.

I’ve spent the last two days lounging by the pool. I can’t understand people that like lounging holidays. Two days and I’m already climbing the sun umbrellas. I keep telling myself, rest is good, it’s good for my arm and I have a long trip ahead of me. But then my mouth is ordering more beer and I feel myself frowning at the people that excitedly grab at the empty sun loungers, and short of marking their territory by pissing them, seem like their entire world is made. Probably German.

I’m bored. And I’m spending my husband’s well earned cash being bored. I feel like a wench.

I did meet some nice Canadians yesterday. Very smart, very interesting. That reinforces my hope to eventually settle in Canada. 

I watched Brave Miss World again on Netflix last night. So inspiring. Still had to reach for the diazepam! And I’m reminded that I’m neither an activist or in fact doing anything of any difference. I’m just a slightly sunburnt blob waiting for my flight home.

I can’t wait to see my children. J excitedly showed me her presents on FaceTime yesterday. The kids as usual look healthy, bright, happy. My husband looks refreshed as though he’s just taking it all in his stride. Laundry, cooking, tidying, managing the four kids. But he looks relaxed. How is that possible?! Am I just a really bad, unnatural mother or is he actually in the bathroom at night rocking backwards and forewards, dribbling and speaking in Latin?

I suppose I should get up. Join the buffet line, who knew baked beans, stir fry chicken and glass noodles with ham went together?! And listen to Americans ask for sweetner, slow and loud but still keep saying sweetner, as though the word will actually become more clear in monosyllable. 

I might try the markets today, find some presents for the kids. As long as I can avoid the pig heads and half dead chickens, and residual massacre of blood on the ‘food court’ area of the market.

God I sound like a right miserable cow! I’m still very much in love with Cambodia and will cry when I leave. But I’m just not digging this limbo stuff. I prefer to get going. Waiting around is excruciating. My trip is booked – lets go people! I’m like this with everything! The plan is set – go go go! Not hang around, mooch, waste time, linger.

Midweek. On the other side people.

Time for breakfast – lets GO GO GO!


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