Peace and soul food

Yesterday I kept myself busy all day. In fact I over did it and ended up being really sick and having a headache. It’s hard to forget that I’m supposed to be resting. That sitting around in a foreign country is not my idea of fun.

I went to Silk Island. It was really interesting to learn how silk is made – that sounds sarcastic but I mean it!

This dude is showing eggs, and various growth of the worms. The silk comes from the cocoon they make 

And then they weave it into different patterns on the loom

This community is run by a Cambodian that only employs widows. So it’s a true local community enterprise. I ended up purchasing a silk scarf because I felt I needed to give something rather than my need for a silk scarf. Pretty cool that I know it was made locally though.

Then I went onto a pagoda and got to see the monks feasting on food prepared by the community, while the people sat in prayer. I also met a Kiwi/Australian couple there. He had cycled around Singapore,Laos and Vietnam and his wife had just joined him after spending time in Vietnam. We were invited to join lunch at the pagoda. The food was so fresh and delicious and the people were lovely 

By the end of the day I was shattered. But I felt I got an opportunity to experience life outside the city. And meet with this calm, peaceful community.

I felt keen to take this peace and knowledge and go home to my family. I wanted the love and contentment from my children. 

But alas, there aren’t any flights available until the end of October – despite my medical needs. Even the waiting list was closed.

So my decision to head back sooner was made for me.


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