Long but great day!

Yesterday I had this ‘urgent’ meeting at the Head Office at the NGO I work for in relation to the issues that have arisen. The morning started well when I bumped into my good friend, the American journalist in the hotel lobby. She had just returned from a religious thing in Singapore. We agreed to catch up for lunch, as myself and the volunteer coordinator usually based in Kratie took me to the office. I have grown very fond of her. She’s very sweet and genuinely of good heart.

I presented everything in the meeting. How I enjoyed the role, but the politics had frustrated me. I gave good solid reasons for my observations and also offered feedback on how well the organisation was received in Kratie and it would be a shame to see it go under. In all the attendees seemed interested in what I had to say, indentified the issues or weaknesses in the team and said they would very much like me to stay and asked what they could do to make me reconsider my stance of not returning. It was nice to be heard and acknowledged. To have a professional exchange, not all this trivial bullshit. It was a positive meeting, but I asked for consideration and to see their planned strategies before I committed with a decision. Then to lunch with the volunteer coordinator whom I very much consider a close friend now and the journalist. It was nice. Normal. Refreshing.

Straight onto the Dr after that. Previously she’d put these six little squares on my arm to absorb blood and weeping, but the squares had quickly embedded into my wound. Hence the reason I had been in so much pain. It took a while for her to painfully remove the squares. The weakness remains but at this stage I’m not sure an x-Ray is necessary. But it’s on the cards if the weakness continues. She also replaced my pain relief. And told me if I was in pain, it was ok to remove the bandages and reapply antibiotic cream. What a relief! It’s amazing how the bandage adds to the discomfort.

I was with her for over an hour and had mentioned to another friend based in PP what time I’d be back at the hotel. I arrived to find him waiting.

Initially we caught up on the teaching, how our places vary, any gossip and of course, the accident! I was feeling very tired, but I was keen to see Phonm Penh at night. In particular go to the foreign correspondence club.

It was amazing. The view was breathtaking

And the bar itself was different with its grandeur design and interesting posts and quotes around the room

We enjoyed trying the different cocktails – starting with a Phnom Penh sling!

The atmosphere was really nice. A complete contrast to the quiet of Le Tonle in Kratie. There was a buzzing. A vibrancy.

We took a walk along the street and observed the Royal Palace and gardens 

Although marred by the constant asking if we needed a tuk tuk. We do like to walk sometimes people!

My friend is diabetic which is really an illness I know nothing about. I asked him about symptoms and warnings previously because I always like to know what to do and how to assist/when to assist if necessary. Good job I did, he quickly became increasingly unwell because there had been too many sugary cocktails and to negate that he had taken too much insulin. 

I took him to my hotel and a blood test revealed his sugars levels were dangerously low. He was drowsy and becoming less responsive. So I was forcing him to drink coke, eat what I could find and making sugary tea. Ongoing monitoring with blood prick tests showed no improvement. I sat with Google and read all I could. I finally let him sleep and paced my hotel room, unsure how to manage the situation aside from waking him and have him drink more sugary things. Convinced I might push him the other way, I tentatively dozed off, but awoke periodically to check he was basically still alive. In morning his blood sugar was dangerously high so I got him food while he took his insulin.

Finally we saw the number we needed – he was good. But it’s such a complicated illness and requires so much thought and management. 

So I will probably catch up with him next week, but this time not try to kill him!

Today it’s raining hard. I feel tired now too, I will sleep and watch movies today.

It was so great to feel supported yesterday in the meeting and I’m sure I got my grievances and suggestions across in a fair and calm manner.

Being amongst good, genuine friends was really conducive and I felt relaxed.

In all a great, busy, varied day.

I have heard my lawyer a few times requiring random bits of paperwork. I’ve had to forward this to My husband as I wouldn’t have resources.

So lots going on! And I’m currently managing everhthing, although at the moment it amazes me just how much I’m handling it all so calmly!


2 thoughts on “Long but great day!

  1. Wow you had a busy busy day! Glad you enjoyed it. I agree diabetes is a tricky complex illness. Is he type one? I have a good friend who is type one and I must say I find his hypos frightening. Hope your arm is healing. XX

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