Liebster award


thanks very much to Antanika for the award. 

I love your blog, it’s both funny and moving.

I have dutifully completed the tasks as set by the conditions of the award and made my nominations.


You need to answer 11 Questions as asked by a Liebster awarder, then Give 11 facts about yourself, then also supply 11 questions to your nominated Liebster Award Receivers.

QUESTIONS from (antanika)
1. When you write do you write from the head? Or the heart? 

The heart mostly. I never know what’s coming. It just flows out. I surprise myself sometimes.

2. Do you force yourself to write when you don’t feel like it?
Sometimes I think I don’t have anything of interest to say after therapy or group, and perhaps to others it isn’t. So I open a page and start writing. Then as above, it just starts flowing. Even when I’m tired and drained, there is always a need to purge my inner most feelings and thoughts.
3. If you could/did write a bestselling book what would it be about?
Me! My travelling as a lone woman, the amazing people I met, and my own personal journey of recovery.
4. When you write descriptively do you see it in your mind, what is your process?
Yes, I see and feel everything I write. I put my soul into my blog. It’s my outlet, my best friend and a silent therapist. It’s how I offload and release the surplus feelings and try to make some sense of it all.
5. What colour would you be if you were to be one?
I’d change according to my mood. Sometimes black as night, sometimes red with rage, sometimes orange and anxious, blue with despair, yellow with joy at seeing my son, pink as I relive happy memories in my mind. Sometimes all the colours at once. But never one colour.
6. What is your dream?
To be at peace. I don’t know how that would look.
7. What do you love the most about writing?
The freedom
8. When you go to a public toilet, do you choose the first, last or middle stall?
I check them all first, then opt for the cleanest.
9. Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?
10. What 3 words best describes how you feel right now, answering my questions?
Unsure, doubtful, exposed
11. What advice would you offer yourself if you weren’t you?
Trust yourself, be true to yourself, let go, you are a good, strong person. You deserve to have a voice and be heard
                 11 FACTS ABOUT ME
Travelled a lot – favourites are Mexico City (love the food, the vibe, the culture) and Texas (everyone was extremely hospitable)

Wish to visit Cambodia 
Met my Kiwi husband in Los Angeles, then we met again in London, then again a year later in Tonga.
I worked in a safari park years ago with Wolves, Tigers and lions 
My favourite series are Sons of Anarchy and House of Cards (I know, bit of a contrast!)
I’m not religious but you’d never see me touch a ouija board – that unknown shit scares the crap out of me
I hate romantic comedies 
I won’t swim in a pool alone in case I get sucked into a pipe and stuck – genuine fear since childhood 
I love sharks so much I got one tattooed on my thigh 
I love motorbikes – toured Tasmania by bike 
I love cheesy classic horror movies (and met Robert Englund – who plays Freddie Kruger – Nightmare on Elmstreet) who signed an autograph, ‘sweet dreams’).


Falling down the rabbit hole

From the darkness into sunshine
Kurani masters
Looking for the light

1, who inspires you and why?

2, if a movie was made about your life, who would you like to play you?
3, what’s the most inspiring quote or book you’ve read?
4, Do you like to be around people or alone?
5, what is your greatest achievement?
6, what do you hope to complete/achieve by the end of the year?
7, what’s your favourite season? Why?
8, how do you take time for yourself?
9, if you could choose any place to celebrate New Year’s Eve where would it be?
10, what is your favourite destination? – or where would you like to go?
11, what is your favourite piece of furniture? Why?


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