Batman Sings all the songs..

Wow, just, wow. Beautiful, inspiring. I rarely repost blogs but this really deserves due credit and to be heard.

Adjust Remembered

I decided to go public with my blog after a few days of blogging. It was scary and daunting because i didn’t want to be seen as someone seeking pity or attention. That day my blog was Shared on facebook 200 times and i received so much support from friends, family and strangers all over. I also was given the number of a detective in our city who might be able to help me, so look at that hey? Opening up brings so many positives.

I received love, and admiration, encouragement and acceptance. Rather than being seen as a poor girl who had been abused i was seen as strong and inspiring. I can’t express my thanks and appreciation of the support everyone has given me. I just can’t, it’s worth a billion chocolate bars… i may love chocolates.A bit.

My biggest fan and support has always been Batman, my…

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