Back from holiday – with a bump!

Back in NZ after a fantastic break in Fiji. It really is an awesome place. I missed absorbing another culture, feeling peaceful and open to the land and people. We got to try different foods, see a different way of life, I was grateful to see the local school, courthouse, villages, and participate in a Kava ceremony. I found my anxiety levels greatly reduced, I was happy to go with the flow. I think I’m an island baby at heart. Well, until I go off my medication I suppose!

The journey back felt stressful. The kids were over tired. My son didn’t seem to know what was going on. I think we had all gotten to that point of being fed up with each other. It happens – big family, airports and planes are close quarters.

Fortunately arriving in Wellington my car was waiting in the carpark so it was an easy drive home back to what is familiar. Yesterday we all lounged around tired. I slept most of the day, even though it’s only a short haul flight, it seems to take it out of me these days.

My son is back in kindy tomorrow and the girls are into a holiday programme tomorrow. That’s a huge relief for them and me. We all need some time now to pursue our interests and take a break from each other.

My anxiety levels have already started to rise a little. My husband and I have been discussing things to do with my past, managing the anniversary.

Before we left for the UK a few years ago for my husband’s job, one of our chequebooks was stolen. We don’t know if it was taken out the mailbox, or found during a tip run. Either way, with this chequebook this guy was able to take money from our account, open trade accounts, even try to rent a house. We didn’t know until we received a redirected to the UK letter from a store wanting payment of NZ$10,000. We looked into it and discovered all these withdrawals. We reported the issue to the bank and police. It was slow going being the UK with the time difference. But we were told we couldn’t close the account because they wanted to accumulate more evidence. We had a house in NZ and worried about the bad debt piling up. Eventually the guy was caught. He pleaded guilty siting difficult times and desperate measures, but he had a history of fraud. He got 7 years. In total he had taken NZ$500,000. Our family and friends thought it was great that he was caught and put in prison. Of course the evidence was water tight. He was filmed going into banks to get the money. The woman he applied for the house through, the trade stores had footage. Great, the fraudster got caught.

But you know what? I didn’t fucking care. It’s money. The bank returned the lost funds. We don’t use chequebooks anymore. I don’t care that justice was done in this case. I didn’t get justice when it mattered most. It seemed to me that the police, the courts took fraud a lot more seriously than what happened to me. And that I just can’t deal with.

Anyway, bit of a tangent, guess that will keep happening for a while now.


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