This blog entry comes from the beautiful pacific island of Fiji. We have taken our first family holiday in ages overseas. Although we’ve traveled overseas a lot as a family, we haven’t had the opportunity to stop and relax as tourists.

I was a little dubious about it. Travel with 4 young children is never much fun – no matter how rehearsed you are! But fortunately my husband booked us business seats from Auckland to Fiji. There was just the initial flight from wellington to AKL as there’s no international flights. There were unfortunately lots of delays and the having woken the kids up at 4am it didn’t bode too well! I’m also a terrible claustrophobic and can’t stand crowds and fear the invasion of airport checks. As a lone traveller I manage this well by arriving early and getting in first. But when you have slow kids, shouting for things behind you, the summer heat beating on your back it gets too much. I mention this because for a lot of people they wouldn’t consider these things. But when you have anxiety and border panic so easily travel can be equally as difficult to manage.

When we touched down in Nadi I was elated and looked forward to seeing a new country and culture I knew little about. We had rented a car and waited for a while for this to be brought to us.

A 90 minute drive later and we arrived at our private villa. It has a pool and is on the beach. It accommodates our large family perfectly. We have also organised a private chef so we can enjoy local fresh cuisine and some babysitters so we can go out and enjoy an evening ourselves.

We banned the kids from electronics this holiday. So it’s been great to see them playing in the pool, playing cards and even learning some local language with the housemaids. The culture are very much geared towards children and we have been treated so warmly and with such hospitality.

Our son seems to be the greatest superstar of them all! Getting hugs and high fives wherever we go!

We are planning on seeing a local school to show the girls, and have bought stationary and books to contribute.

I’ve been asking the chef where my husband and I can go drinking with the locals – I don’t like to hit the tourist spots!

In terms of managing my personal health, I have to be careful about dehydration of course because of my meds. Of course ensuring I take a bit of time out to get some rest. At night we leave some lights on and I have my torch, fortunately we also have an emergency generator if there’s a power cut. But I actually feel very relaxed. I’m sleeping well, I’m feeling very content.

Yesterday we went out and bought some beautiful carvings and pieces for our home. Make sure we take a slice of Fiji back with us as well as beautiful memories.


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