Be careful which company you keep

There is an argument that we all know and we all set our beliefs around – nature vs nurture. Like politics and religion, it’s something that can be argued about to the death, with strong research for both. Personally I have always stuck to the nurture argument. Of course, swapping opinions is one thing – but what if the debate effects your very life and those around it. What about if the person you fear most, the most dangerous person you ever personally meet has family that integrates with people you know? The nurture argument dictates that this person had precursors, learnt behaviours, anger, beliefs, narcissism, even psychotic tendencies that came from somewhere. Or were at least acknowledged – probably ignored. If someone can destroy a persons life, and show a side that is so evil, so angry, so violent, how can anyone want to be friendly with anyone that’s part of that. That’s maybe even created that? How can anyone justify that to the person that suffered the trauma? As though what that person has suffered is what? Time expired? Not that bad? Am I to believe that these ‘roots’ can be really good? Really nice? I sense that if I look into the eyes I will see a resemblance so deep that I will be rocked to my very core. That I will be sick and thrust into a world of new pain and memories.

Oh, it’s easy for those that are removed. Those without the evil, those that don’t hear the screams, know the struggles, those that were blind at the time. And that’s it, that’s what it’s all about.



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