The Therapist’s response

I wanted my Therapist to fully understand the depth of emotion I have felt since our session. I felt my last blog entry succinctly described those emotions, so I sent her the blog entry. I received from her a response that I wanted to post here. Both as a reference for myself, and perhaps to help anyone else:

“thank you for your bravery and honesty. You are completely right in knowing that this territory feels deeply sad, desperately lonely and at times heart breaking. I am pleased though that you are feeling yr feelings and that despite the pain, you are managing to stay mindful and in the present. You are in the middle of a life changing process of healing through integrating the pain and reality of the past with the present. You are not stuck, you are working hard emotionally in what sometimes feels like fog and quicksand aye. Please remember that you are not alone, other people including myself know some of the terror and grief of the emotional landscape you are in and are here in present time to listen and be with you in yr grief and fury not matter how long this may take.”

Sometimes it helps to be reminded of where you are and to get some clarification on what is going on.


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